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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Light Swiss Chard Frittata

I'm feeling quite adventurous lately in the cooking department, 
and I'm really going out on a limb with some of these crazy recipes. 
I saw this Recipe on Gina's skinny Recipes and had to give it a try.

I had NEVER EVER heard of Swiss Chard in my life
my first thought was... "Is that really eatable"?
Yep, it is stalk and all.
This is actually RED swiss chard, isn't it colorful

Here's the ingredients 

 Dont think I've ever cut up a whole large onion for one recipe but
this time I did. I love onions so I went with what the recipe said.

Cooking the Chard till it wilted....never did that before

added the eggs and swiss cheese, cooked just until edges were set.

Then in the oven it went for about 5 minute until the whole thing was done.

I have to confess, this photo of the finished product is Gina's photo. 
For what ever reason, I couldn't get mine to come out of the pan in one piece.
So for the sake of pretty....there you have it

I have to tell you I just loved this dish and will make it again...soon


  1. Ma used to grow swiss chard in the garden. I remember she had a diet she tried that was mainly consisting of the chard. Yuck. I don't remember ever having to eat it.

  2. that looks really good. I never want to make things like that, but this one looks pretty good. did you eat it for breakfast or is it more of a lunch/supper meal? I don't know when you eat egg things. Whenever i guess. Glad you liked it! mmm

  3. Megan I had it for lunch, but breakfast would be good as well (warmed up)

  4. thanks for sharing this blog....