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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Winter's not over yet...

The weather seems to be the topic this winter
Today it's at the top of topics talked about in Rochester

61 degrees on March 6th.... UnHeardOf

I  knew I wanted to get out this afternoon and take advantage of the WARM weather.
Even thought about putting on a pair of capri's,
 but quickly opted out afraid that I might blind someone with my stark white legs.

As I walked I was noticed a few things...

 What little snow we have left will probably be gone by tomorrow

Saw a lot of Christmas lights still on houses...today would be a great day to get them off.
I took mine off in January on one to those 30+ degree days 

The trees are confused and starting to bud with new growth

Here I'm at the top of this hill starting my descent, 
glad that's its now down hill the rest of the way home,
well almost, there is one more little uphill spurt  :)

Detour ahead
this puddle forced me off the beaten path, to avoid wet feet

Windows are open to let in a bit of fresh air,
 I enjoy hearing all the sounds of the outdoors, it's a refreshing day
Hope you all have been able to enjoy it !


  1. Boggled down with laundry here but enjoying some open windows!

  2. I went on a two hour ride on a beautiful horse named Layla today! It was a perfect afternoon to ride by the river and on the bluffs.

  3. I liked today a lot! I like your puddle pictures :)