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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old school

I drive with anticipation
 wondering what I might come across 
down one of those little country roads in "nowhere land"

Today, I spotted this little gem in the corner of a farmers field,
(Just southwest of Elgin Mn)
 an old one room school house
the bell no longer hangs in the bell tower
the exterior is weathered
weeds growing up all around the structure
The little brick chimney is just visible on the back side
One room school houses are fascinating to me,
 I cant help but wonder about the children that met in this building
and the teacher who taught all the grades.

No busing, no hot lunches, no computers, no cell phones, 
water had to be carried in,  heat came from a wood fireplace, and you
had to go to an outhouse if you needed to go to the bathroom. 

That all sounds simple and wonderful to me.


  1. That is how your mother had to live in the olden days. You for got to mention how we had to walk 2 to 3 miles to get there. My dad used to hook up the horses to the sled and pick everyone up along the way on real cold and snowy days. There was only one family that lived south from our farm so he picked everyone up.

  2. I've never seen a country schoolhouse like this with a bell tower. What an absolute gem. I just may have to check this one out sometime on a Sunday afternoon drive. Thank you for sharing this wonderful discovery.

  3. That looks so awesome. a great place for a photo shoot. I could see it now..little red riding hood in and around the building... pretty cool photo, AJ! i like it.

  4. PS. i love the story about Great Grandpa picking everyone up on the way! That's awesome and sounds like something he'd do..based on what I've heard of him.

  5. So cool and fun to imagine how simple things were.

  6. What a great old schoolhouse. Yes, simple, uncomplicated times--wish they could return. Mickie ;)

  7. Im fascinated by this time period too. I've been reading a few book series by Lauraine Snelling that are historical fiction about Norwegian immigrants settling in North Dakota. Lots of simple life stuff like the one room school house. So interesting!