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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home alone

I don't do well sleeping alone...

Notice anything that seems just a bit out of place on my bedside table???

Yes, I'm a big scaredy-cat at night when I'm home alone
Doors are double locked
butcher knife at my bedside
bedroom door locked and,
Rick's bedside light stays on all night. 

It only happens once a year, that's when my guys leave for a 2 night fishing trip 
over Memorial Day weekend.
 I love that they go... but I'm so glad when they get home. 

Photo taken by Darin (orange shirt) Thanks Darin :)
 From foreground to rear, My dad, My hubby, my big brother, my little brother, my sister's hubby, my nephew, my niece's hubby, my oldest son, my youngest son, my youngest boy nephews.
While the guys were up north fishing, 
some of the girls got together on Saturday
(we don't all live in the same city) 
all 6 of us got our toes done!
Photo compliments of my sis-in-love Cindy, thanks cindy

Thank goodness for family and good memories 


  1. It was a great day of fun and lots of laughs. A leisure drive in the rain. hee hee.

  2. You're so funny with that knife by your bed :) Love the man group pic and the girl toes pic!

  3. had so much fun! thanks for being a part of it!!

  4. With that first pic, I thought I was going to be reading about a crime spree in your neighborhood. Thank goodness I was wrong. Looks like the girls, and the boys, had a good weekend.