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Thursday, May 03, 2012

It's all coming to an end

Yesterday was a great day here in San fran.
Really too much to tell, we were gone for 11 hours touring the city
We packed a lot in, and have more to see today
I'm glad we gave ourselves thee days here
so much to do....so little time.
Alcatraz (The rock) 
The view from our ferry returning to San Francisco

The Golden Gate bridge

I need to get myself ready for another day of enjoying this beautiful city
Last day of our lovely 2nd honey moon.
The time has flown by so quickly but we are anxious to get back to little old Rochester
and resume life there as we know it   :)


  1. your photographs are incredible! i LOVE the one of Alcatraz with the birds. it's amazing! is there somewhere you can submit that for a contest or something? It's award-winning! So glad you're having a good time. you'll miss it when you leave, but you're right, it'll be nice to get home. We miss you!!!

  2. What a great trip. You will have jet lag when you get here.

  3. There truly is no place like home. Thanks for taking us on this trip via your, as always, beautiful photos.

    Question: Are there really so few trees in San Francisco? That's what struck me when I saw the skyline. So few trees defining it.

  4. So glad you got to go, but also glad you want to come back!

  5. Audrey, there really are a lot of trees they are all inland. A lot of my pictures are of the coast :)