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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little birdies

In the gutter under the deck....
 a mamma Robin decided to build a nest
and have a family.

Not sure where the 4th egg went but I have a pretty good feeling it had
 something to do with a nasty blackbird
 (or "grackle" as my husband would say)

Even though I know the nest is there,
every time I go around the house to do some watering I have a mild heart attack
when the mamma bird squawks and fly's right by my head. 
I'm pretty sure she's having a heart attack too.  


  1. lol, I like the comment about you and the bird having a heart attack. I like the egg pic, pretty!

  2. Just precious, Jackie!

  3. Those are incredible photos. That blue...and those babies all curled up. And this comes from someone who does not really much like birds (too many swooping barn swallows as a child and too many mean roosters). I would most definitely have a heart attack, too.

  4. Great photos, and what fun to watch the progress from start to finish. I had doves, cardinal, robins,and finches make nests close by this year--it has been intersting to watch all of them. Mickie :)