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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's day Saturday with "mom"

A few years ago, mom and I started a tradition of going out on the 
Saturday of Mother's day weekend to get flowers for our homes,
and just hang out together.

I always have mom pick one out from me.
She picked out a beautiful hanging basket!

This is our 2nd time going to Donahue's in Fairbault, MN
I love, love love this place!
 If you've never been to Donahue's...it's worth the trip over, the selection is amazing
 and the prices beat any of the nursery's in Rochester (even with a coupon)

 The back of my van full of flowers.... there's more up front  :)

It was too early for lunch so we swung into GOP Lutheran church (just outside of Kenyon) 
My mom has a relative buried there. 
A beautiful little church (with a steeple of course)
I love the old churches with their own cemeteries. 

This little bench was tucked away at the edge of the cemetery almost hidden in the tall grass.
I wonder how many have sat on that bench, remembering their loved ones?

Since we were passing through Kenyon we stopped at the nursing home
 to give a quick visit to my mom's cousin. 
She was glad to see us, It was nice to meet her  :)

Then it was on to Kasson, were we had lunch at Daniels Resturaunt
It was scrumptious! 

It was a beautiful day to spend with my mom
Thanks for hanging out with me mom.... I'm pretty lucky to have you!


  1. Oh, Jackie, I wish I'd known you were going to be in Faribault. I live within blocks of Donahues (I bet you drove right past my house) and would have invited you and your mom to stop by. It would have such fun to meet you. Next year, OK?

    Looks like a wonderful way to spend a day with your mom.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Audrey, I thought about you when we were there today :) Didnt realize you were so close.

  3. Oh!! We just ate at danielsnwhen I was home.... I'm still salivating over there burgers!!!

  4. It was a lot of fun doing all those things. Thanks for the great day #1.

  5. Jackie, I assume you took Highway 60 into Faribault and then turned left after crossing the viaduct. I live several blocks south of that intersection, directly on the path to Donahues, along a busy, busy arterial street through our community.

  6. That flower place seems amazing! Glad you 2 had a fun day :)