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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The place I like to be

I can't help but be lulled to a afternoon stupor as I slouch in my comfy chair 
on my cabana covered deck. 
A cool breeze refreshes my senses as it makes the leaves dance on the aspen
 that sits just outside our yard (I love my neighbors tree)
 Its like a wind chime that is opposite of obnoxious.
This is my favorite place to be....

Yesterday I no time for "deck time"
I did laundry, hung it on the line, planted flowers, trimmed and mowed the lawn, 
ran some errands and watched my sweet granddaughter. 
I got a lot accomplished so that today I could take it easy.

Thought I'd share a few of my flowers that I planted yesterday.

Hanging basket from my daughter's family for Mother's day.

I think it's time I get up and give my newly planted flowers a drink :)


  1. What a beautiful retreat. I can see why this cabana covered deck would be your favorite place to relax. Can you give us a full shot of that deck with the cabana? I'd love to see the complete look, then show my husband the photo. (Ahem. Hint, hint, honey. Wouldn't this look lovely in our yard?)

  2. I love being on my deck too. Everything things lovely at your place!

  3. Today was a much better outside sitting day! After all that work, you needed a rest day!

  4. Pretty flowers, I love the yellow and orange ones...Begonias? I love your deck too, it's so peaceful. I think if I had a deck like that, I might start reading again!