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Saturday, May 05, 2012

"We Olive"

Even though we are now home in Minnesota I still have bits and pieces
  of interesting things that i will continue to blog on. 
We saw so much, and learned so much about a whole different region of the U.S.
Bear with me as I share some of these things over the the next few days.

A little shop on Chestnut not far from our Hotel in San Francisco
We Olive
the olive oil experience
It prides its self in Home grown California Olive oil
It's the coolest thing I've ever seen....
Sooo many diverse flavors of olive oils, and you could taste them all (if you wanted)

The large containers hold the oils. 
They provide the glass bottles (the ones with tags on them) to fill with your favorite olive oil. 
I might add  this is way too spendy for my taste but if your really into cooking
 with crazy flavored oil this is the place for you.
For example the oil on the right is $12.75 for an oz
or you might enjoy the Meyer Lemon for $19.58 oz
For fun you can check out their website....they ship anywhere.
 Besides Olive oils they also have a line of body butters, eye serum, oil soaps and lip balm.

We did make a small purchase while there! A small bottle of the oil and a bread mix for my oldest son and daughter-in-love.


  1. Sure looks like a fun place!

  2. There's an olive oil place like this in Stillwater, and one in your own backyard downtown!

  3. I am only beginning to learn about olive oil and realize how little I know. Looks like a fun and interesting shop.

  4. Cheri! I was just in that shop in Stillwater on Sunday! It's so fun to mix and match the oils with the vinegars. Jackie, you gotta go to it downtown! you'll :) glad you sampled some oils. yum!

  5. Cool place! I had a dream the night after I read this blog that I accidentaly spilled the olive oil that you got B&J and I felt terrible!