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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday's on first (street)

Rochester holds a fun event every summer on Thursdays
A few of the streets are blocked to through traffic and the vender's take over

 Food...lots of food
This guy is stirring a large caldron of some sort of ethnic food
His job was to stir it.
Pizza for my sweet granddaughter and 
a pulled pork sandwich for me.

 There is also entertainment scheduled at different times all day long,
Audrey loved to watch the dancing girls (on the stage by the coke truck)

Audrey stopped to see the shiny hair bows made from pop cans

 We can't forget about my sister in law
she has a booth with warm fresh homemade cookies
we all had to have one...for dessert :)
yum yum, Thanks Cindy
Check out Cindy's page  Tank goodness
 My daughter walked along like a trooper
over due by 5 days.... I dont think it'll be long now


  1. Looks like fun. I'm not a crowd person.

  2. The guy stirring the big pot is stirring Paella. It is very yummy!

    I've been in Bri's shoes (being overdue). Twice. I was 10 days over due with two of my pregnancies. A June baby and a September baby. You literally feel like a time bomb!

  3. Those cookies sound delicious. I checked out the website. Also, what a wonderful Thursday event in Rochester. I need to visit Rochester sometime. My husband lived there 30-plus years ago, but I really know nothing about your city, except Mayo, of course, and what I'm learning from you.

  4. Such a fun last day before Carson was born! Must have been all that walkin! Love the vivid pictures of downtown :)