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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Today stirred up memories

A scene from today in Mankato
It brings back memories of the days I lived at the ballfields

Oh those were the days....
I began at age 14 playing slow pitch
 then went on to play fast pitch in high school and college.

 That's me playing 1st base in college
(when I wasn't pitching, I was at 1st)

That's me at the plate, ready to smack the ball outta the park  :)
Helmets were not mandatory...and we lived, Ha

Just a little brag moment....
 I was named to the top 10 highest batting avg. in the nation for
community colleges while playing for Rochester Community college.
After college it was back to playing slow pitch for another 20 years (off and on)

Back to TODAY...

Today was all about watching my niece Alex play in the 
State Class AAA high school softball tournament in North Mankato MN

That's her #4, 
getting ready to play the first game

They won 11-0... Way to go Alex!

The 2nd game wasn't so easy

 But the final outcome was good
Stillwater Ponies win the semi-finals 6-4 in 11 innings
Tomorrow (Friday) they will play in the final championship game
Good Luck Alex! 


  1. That was a great day. It was so fun to watch Alex"s team play and win. I also wish them good luck today. GO PONIES.

  2. Fun post. It's cool that you played 1st and pitched annnnddd 10%in the whole nation is pretty amazing!

  3. I'm impressed with what girls can do! Some of those pitchers are terrific. Congrats on your college award--something to be quite proud of all your life. Have a good weekend. Mickie :)

  4. How exciting. Congratulations to Alex and her teammates and to you on your accomplishments. Wow.

  5. I've never been a sporty girl but I've always secretly wanted to be one.