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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Book Review

The Forgotten Garden 
by Kate Morton
Loved this book, so many twists and turns.
 It turned out to be a pretty intriguing muti-layered story that
 completely pulled me in. It keeps you guessing throughout! 
It challenged my mind with all the different character's and 
jumping back and forth between time periods. 
It's a  wonderful book of historical fiction, 
a family saga that travels back and forth through generations. 
It begins with a little girl abandoned on a ship thats headed for Australia in 1913... 
from there the mystery and secrets are what keeps the pages turning, 
the story takes hold of your imagination and won't let go. 

I must warn you that it takes some perseverance and time to get into this book, with such complicated characters and the movement back and forth between era's, but it's well worth it in the end! I'm glad I stuck with it, and actually for me it wasn't that hard.  I will be reading it again, this time, familiarized with the characters and the connections they have with each other, and there will be that one point in the book that probably wont take my breath away and cause a tear or two, because I already know....and wont be taken by surprise. 


  1. Thanks for the book review, Jackie! I may have to try that one again someday ... but my stack of books in my TO-READ pile is dangerously high, so it might be awhile! What's next on your list?

    1. Well Jac' I have started "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Rick read it and really liked it so I thought I'd give it a go.... probably not something I would have picked to read myself.

  2. Uncle Tom's Cabin is SO GOOD. I would not have chosen to read it either-- it was a college assignment, but I love it!