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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Clearing of the mind

For me.....

there's just nothing like a drive in the country.
 Winter in the country is just an added benefit! 
 I never know where I'm going but I'm aware of the directions I'm heading. 
Friday I headed north on Hwy 52, just past Oronoco but before Pine Island and then I headed east. 
I get off the main drag and find the first gravel road I come to. 
I drive... slow, looking at my surroundings, in awe, sometimes with a smile on my face, 
there's usually no one else on the road so it doesn't matter!
But friday I wasn't alone....
Up over a little hill I came upon these guys...taking a stroll down the road,
 a road they thought belonged only to them. 
 These wild turkeys eventually veered off to the right and into the brush

Such a beautiful contrast, the bright blue sky against the pure white snow.

It's good for me to get away and clear my mind, 
to just enjoy God's creation, 
to notice the colors and the other living things that share this earth with us. 
There are lots of gravel roads to explore....I dont think I'll ever tire of it!
Experimenting with some editing tools....just for the fun of it


  1. No place better than out in nature, via foot or road, to clear ones mind. Love your edit!

    1. I agree Jill... I just need to get out more on foot! I plan to take a jaunt over to our little zoo soon, the outdoor animals love visitors!

  2. You've inspired me to explore gravel roads in the winter as I seem to be a fair-weather girl when it comes to driving the backroads. Now I see what I am missing by not taking these roads in the winter. Fabulous shots. And I like the editing on the last one, too. Fun to play around with editing tools sometimes, isn't it? I did that today also, with all of my winter landscape images.

  3. Everything seems like "high-definition" in the winter, I think it's just the bright and extreme contrasts. I found that you dont have to go far to find the beauty! I love photo editing,it's an art in its self!

    1. I agree with your approach to photo editing as an art. I'm learning and admit to being at a beginner level.

      That said, all the photo editing in the world won't create a great photo. You have to have a well-composed basically good photo to begin with and you always do, Jackie.