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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eagle watching and a little lunch

Redwing MN is a small river town of about 16,000, it's about 1 hour straight north of Rochester, 
nestled in the banks of the Mississippi River
Rick and I headed to Redwing on Saturday morning to view the eagles at Colville Park.
These beautiful birds are wintering here and it's quite a site to behold..... 
I was giddy with excitement as we approached the park and began seeing Eagles everywhere. 
This photo was across the marina on the other side of the channel. 
Those little black specs are bald eagles

Many of the eagles were close enough to zoom in on, 
and they don't seem to mind posing for a picture.
 This Golden eagle was a beauty!

Mr. Bald Eagle, up in the tree above me

A bit out of focus, but I caught this golden as he swooped in and caught his lunch!

They were soaring all around us, I thought I was give myself a whiplash!

and then there were the ducks  :)

Pretty morning 

When ever we go out and about we try to find a small diner to try for lunch
 We found "Bevs" (center green awning) it was a cute little place with lots of character,
 the food was good, we both had a burger & fries

Walgreens "corner drug"

It was quite chilly, but we walked down one of 
the historic streets to a near by bakery
Yum, these little towns always have the best bakery's

The train station

As we drove around the downtown area we saw a slew of old beautiful church buildings in about a 3 block radius. I decided to save that photoshoot for a warmer day  :) 


  1. Neat little town. Like the batch of birds. The ducks are cute.

  2. Alright, how long will those eagles be hanging around Red Wing? My husband loves watching eagles and this would be a perfect day trip for us. And can they only be seen at this one park?

    1. Well Audrey from the literature I've seen on the internet, it's now through March. I'm sure you can see them along the river at different point but at Colville park they seem to want to congagate in large numbers. Something to do with the channel at the Mississipi and the abundant food and the fact that the river does'nt freeze there. You and Randy would love this area :)

    2. We've been to Red Wing and across the river into Wisconsin, crossing at Wabasha, home to the National Eagle Center. We never really thought of looking in Red Wing for eagles so I really appreciate your tip. And we haven't explored Red Wing much. Time for a day trip east.

  3. How cool! Love the pictures :) I feel like I've never been to Red Wing.

    1. Brianna you would love the park it's huge, it have a walking path and pavillions to have lunch. Fun place!

  4. Great photos friend! Did you get a new lens?

    1. No new lens Cheri, same old :)

  5. I love Red Wing too! Such a sweet place:) We stayed at a B&B there for our anniversary which was lots of fun too!