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Sunday, January 20, 2013

There's ALWAYS something to see...

 Saturday morning  Rick and I decided to take a long drive, 
then stop for lunch somewhere other than Rochester!
It's a great way to have some quality time together. 
The only thing that distracted me in mid-sentence were the 
abundance of Eagles we saw, six in all! (no photo's this time)

We headed south, with no real plans, just lookin' and talkin'
 I had never seen this old school house before, I don't think it's used as a school anymore  but I couldn't find anything on the web about it, and no one was out on the street of  Elba, when we passed through.

These guys were real close to the road, 
they were just begging to have their picture taken .
I love how horses are always curious about humans but cows could care less!

Rick and I noticed that there were many cows out grazing the fields yesterday, think about it...
How often do we see cows out grazing in the fields in Minnesota in the winter? There is supposed to be a couple feet of snow on the ground by now....ugh  Some of the pastures were actually green.

Rushford, Mn was our chosen destination for lunch
The Creamery is a nice little place to grab a bite to eat and the
 ice cream is to die for!

After lunch....
  We headed back out on the road, (with satisfied tummies).
 We were driving along and I noticed the sign for Lenora Mn, 
Rick had never seen this old historic Church that sits in the tiny town of Lenora, 
so I thought it would be fun to revisit.  
 The Christmas tree is still standing from the Christmas eve services.
There are only 5 services held here a year, It's on my bucket list to attend one of them!
 The preachers note was still at the pulpit from the Christmas service.
Love this old wooden pews and the aging hymnals
 The wood burning stove that is used during the church services
It was mighty nippy in the building yesterday.

I had all I could do not to go it this old abandoned house, 
Coolest house ever!!!

The falls in Lanesboro, so pretty! 

It was a lovely day to be out and about enjoying the day with my guy!


  1. Oh my, Jackie! How I would love to tag along with you on this trip as well as to a church service at the wonderful old church!

    1. And I would love to have you tag along with me! The Lenora church is the oldest Methodist church in fillmore county, it's so amazing right down to the uneven wood plank floors!

  2. Oh, Jackie, I would have loved to have been along for the ride as I share the same interests as you--old farmhouses, old schools, old churches, rural scenes..., well, you know. Thank you for sharing your discoveries and reminding me that I still need to post photos from my visit to the Lenora church. I, too, would like to attend a church service in one of these historic churches. We have one nearby that holds Christmas Eve services.

    Great post, Jackie.

    1. Like you, Audrey I never seem to get tired of the sights....and I know there's so much more to see :)

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  4. Looks fun! Glad you two had a little adventure

    1. Someday you and I shall have an adventure!