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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Love was her guide

How many of you remember your Kindergarten teacher? 
 I do,
 her name was Mrs. Peck and I remember her like yesterday.
 Maybe it's because she was my first teacher, and she was so nice, 
not mean like some other teachers I had in elementary school. 
She made school fun!
I still remember Mrs Peck as if I were that little 5 year old. 
I also Remember that she was "really old" (in my 5 yr old eyes)
As I read her obituary today, Rick and I did the math, 
she was only 54 when I had her as a teacher...two years older than I am now.
But she really looked old, with her short permed gray hair!
Flavia Peck 
Of course now I know she was YOUNG, very young and she lived another  45 years 
before her death on Saturday.
She was 99 years old, 1 month shy of her 100th birthday.

RIP Mrs. Peck, you touch many lives!

Love was her guide and kindness was her creed.
(From the obituary)

What do you remember about your kindergarten teacher?


  1. That is a nice rememberance of a good teacher. I remember her too. Beauyifulm smile and quiet.Oh for the good old teachers.

    1. You hit it on the nose mom :)

  2. That every teacher should be like Mrs. Peck. I had an especially mean math teacher in junior high, which is likely one of the reasons I really, really, really dislike math.

    What a wonderful tribute you've written to this wonderful woman.

    I attended kindergarten for only two weeks in the spring and I cannot remember my teacher's name.

    1. Sadly we remember the bad ones along with the good. I had a few of those bad ones too!

  3. Sounds like a neat lady!

    I had 2 kindergarten teachers one was older and then i switched classes b/c the one was to large to Mrs Olsen. She threw me a going away party at the end of the year and also sent me a christmas card the first year we lived in Minnesota! I thought that was pretty neat!

    1. Good old Sunset Terrace, did you end up with "Julie"

    2. I was in New York for Kindergarten... so never had Julie...both nate and danae did though :)