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Friday, February 15, 2013

Restaurants, shopping and food . . . oh my

Saturday was our big day in Galena, our day to explore main street, 
a day to walk, browse and eat!

This was just a fun little shop, looks like candy but it's not.
Those containers are filled with little pieces of soy wax, It was a  
build-your-own candle shop. I was tempted, but really.... how many more candle do I need.

Now this is the candy store, one of many.
You know the old saying, "she's acting like a kid in the candy store" 
well I know what that saying is all about! Yes we indulged in some chocolate :)

A nice man took our picture out in front of the Galena Canning Company
My favorite shop in main street.... 

We really could have had a full course meal in this store, 
samples everywhere !
Rick is enjoying one of many samples here.

 Hundreds of sauces in every flavor possible
We ended up with the Apple Hickory BBQ sauce....delicious!!!

Another candy store...
A candy apple display. yum yum

 Popcorn shop....I never knew there could be so many flavors
Of course there were samples of these as well

We actually ate at the Log Cabin on Friday night,
Great food, but very very dark!.  
Rick ended up burning a hole in the bill, 
while trying to read the price over a candle
We laughed about this, dont think anyone witnessed it!

Victory cafe was a great little diner, we enjoyed our lunch here on Saturday. 
Dinner on Saturday night at Campeche's, 
an authentic Mexican restaurant 

Then there was the Galena Mardi Gras parade on Saturday night.....
It's consisted of one float and a few pirates
 Short but sweet !

 We will definitely return to Galena, we have much more to explore and revisit!
I'm think a road trip in the fall would be perfect!


  1. Very good pictures. Looks like a really great place to visit.

  2. Cool pics, fun food :)

  3. I'm sold. I've already told Randy we need to go to Galena. All that food sampling and the shops remind me of Door County. But better???

    1. We enjoyed it a lot more than Door county. So much history in the Galena area. It's a beautiful town, old beautiful buildings and plenty of the arts, which I know you would like. There are many things we didn't get to do and places still to see, so we will definitley be going back.