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Monday, February 04, 2013

The front hill

No, I'm not wishing for spring, in fact that's the furthest thing from my mind.
I posted this picture to feature the little hill right up near the lower level window of our house.

It's not much of a hill....

but as you can see.... it's a hill big enough to roll down and....
...sled down.
The landscaping doesn't hinder the next generation or her Grandpa.

When our kids were little, I gave up many many year of not having a landscaped area
 to adorn the front of our home, why you might ask? 
because our kids played on that hill.....a lot!

 That little face is almost too much for me, she was squealing with pure glee

 Luckily we live in a cul-de-sac so not much traffic to worry about.

and with Uncle Gavin to protect, there's no worries at all

 Carson and I stayed in the warm house and watched from the window!

Our little front hill has provided year of fun for our kids, the neighbor kids and now the grandkids, it's so wonderful to here those squeals again!

 Turn up your volume, this little video clip will surely make you smile

* I just realized that I posted a very similar story on my "grandma blog" Ugh, my memory failed me, Oh well, I guess you can tell I"m a little excited about those little ones  :)


  1. It doesn't take much of a hill for kids to be happy. We live just down the street from a park and a major sliding hill. My husband spent many a winter on that hill with our three. Occasionally I joined them.

    BTW, if I was a grandma, I'd be sharing photos, too.

    1. We have a couple of big sledding hills in Rochester that we toted the kids to as well, This little one filled the void when the kids were on their own. Thanks for understanding the grandma thing :)

  2. Perfectly understandable to blog more than once on the same subject. Especially when kiddos are involved :)