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Monday, February 11, 2013

The trip starts on the road....

This last weekend Rick and I jumped in the car for a trip to the little historic town of Galena Il. 
Galena was fabulous but there is so much more to see along the way.... 
we must not omit the road trip that gets us there, 
and all the things to see along the way!

Hwy. 52 near Canton Mn.... Amish country

These folks dont like to be photographed so I had to be sneaky

We followed this guy for quite some time, this was definitely a Wide Load

Just a bit south west of Decorah Iowa we breezed through the city of Calmar
but not without stopping to snap this photo
A mural of the old train depot.
Calmar, at ont time, was a major railroad hub of the 
Milwaukee Road between Marquette and Mason City.
 ~ ~ ~
It was getting to be about lunch time so the next town ahead was
the historic rivertown of Guttenburg. (population 1900)
Located next to the Mississippi river, half way between Decorah and Dubuque Iowa.
Another new town for us.

It's always a gamble when eating at a diner that you've never been to, 
but we are always willing to give it a chance. 
The Riverview Cafe proved to be a good choice!
Not only was the food amazing but the view was to die for.

We were seated by the window and this is what we got to see
eagles everywhere! 
 Lock and Dam #10 (another eagle upper right by the top of the trees)

 Main street Guttenburg, still looking like a town from yesteryear
Kuempel Hardware embellished this corner. 
This is what I call.... "Curb appeal"!

More to come on our Galena weekend


  1. Very neat pictures.Dad ask a couple little Amish boys tf he could take a picture of them and their dead pigs they were traveling with and they said for $5.00 That ended that.

  2. I would have paid the $5 dollars for sure!

  3. Oh, Jackie, you know how much I would have enjoyed this road trip. I swear I photographed that same Amishman in photo two. I have yet to post my images from a day trip to the Canton area last fall.

    Anyway, my mom loves Galena and I've always wanted to go there so I am looking forward to your "report." How far is this from Rochester?

    Great photos!

    1. 190 miles (3:40) Not a bad day trip but we enjoyed taking our time seeing the site, there is so much history in Galena, we didnt see everything we wanted so we will be back !

  4. I can tell you had a wonderful trip. Just the view by the river was worth it! I always get so excited when I spot a bald eagle -- not that often.

    1. There's just something about spotting a bald eagle, such a majestic bird! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I just love your appreciation for history, a beautiful photo opp, and beautiful scenery. A lady after my own heart:)

  6. Thanks Jen, it's alot of fun to explore with Rick. I'm lucky to have a hubby that shares my interests!.