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Sunday, March 03, 2013

LIttle treasures

Yesterday, my daughter and I attended a quaint little bridal shower. 
The host had a sweet idea that I will steal 
when I give my niece a bridal shower this spring.
She had a table full of coffee cups/mugs that she's been collecting for the shower.
The lucky guests were allowed to choose a coffee cup (for their beverage of choice)
and then the best part....we got to take the cup home with us.
 Here's the sweet treasure I claimed, so delicate and vintage-like.
This morning I enjoyed a cup while I sat to do my bible study
There it sits....Right next to my big white chair,
 such simple things can make a girl kinda giddy.


  1. Pretty cup and a great shower or party idea!

  2. You are so not going to believe this. But this is the dish pattern I purchased quite a number of years ago at KMart. If I remember correctly, it is a Martha Stewart design. I no longer use the dinner plates because they got too chipped. I still use the bowls, though, and smaller plates, but don't know where I stashed the coffee cups. We're not coffee drinkers and I didn't have use for all those cups. They are somewhere...

    I love this bridal shower idea because it's fun and unique.

    1. OH that's funny Audrey, I would have never guessed that they are Martha Stewart. On the bottom it does have a MSE, which I'm assuming stands for "martha stewart everyday". I"m gonna need to hit-up goodwill soon to start my collection for the shower, it should be fun :)

  3. Reminds me of the bridal shower "Tea" that my sisters had for Cara! Pretty cup!

    1. Showers are so fun, I love the planning process. I'm not that good at coming up with original idea's, I just try to tweak someone else's!

  4. Such a cute idea...i like the cup you chose. how fun!