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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'm not gonna pretend like I don't know it's the first day of spring today, 
but you certainly would never guess it!
Social media has been buzzing this week about the difference
 in the weather from this same time last year.
Last year we had high temperatures in the 60's & 70's,
 this week single digits and plenty of snow!
You know I'm not complaining :) 

I know "spring" will come and I would want that for those of you that are so ready for it. 
  Me.... I can wait.

I thought I would throw up a few photo's of the same week from one year ago....
 My crocus's in full bloom

 My daughter-in-love Jennifer napping out on the patio.
We have a couple feet of snow out on our deck as of today....crazy

 Da Boyz.... playing hoops on the driveway, 
notice my Brice with his bare feet, he gets that from me

Miss Audrey playing in the (already) green grass.

I had to chuckle this morning when I read my daughter's status on facebook....
"Nobody tell Audrey that it's the first day of Spring, 
she has it in her head that Spring equals shorts, sandals, swimming, and parks".

Happy Spring friends !


  1. Oh, my, what a difference b/n years. I remember last year sitting on the deck at my sister's place on a Saturday afternoon making mints for our mom's upcoming 80th birthday party. Crazy the difference. You know how I feel about winter...glad you enjoy it.

    Brianna is wise to issue that warning not to tell Audrey about spring. Cute.

  2. Rick was out golfing too....Crazy crazy March :)

  3. This is definitely not spring. Uggh.
    One thing I always think of with you and winter .... I know you love to be outside ... and sitting in the front....and on the deck. You can't do that in winter. I miss walking across the street and chatting with ya!

  4. Well , I love to be outside but NOT when it's hot and humid, which is most of summer,(at least on my body thermostat) so if it's hot or humid I'm usually sitting inside looking out wishing it was cooler. Deck time is usually early morning and evening. Fall is a good compromise, but not long enough. Winter is usually an inside kind of season, so to be inside makes sense to me, summer is suppose to be an outside season, and I'm usually miserable with a sweaty face and feeling yucky hot, so to be inside doesnt make sense, therefore it's depressing to me....does that make any sense? Guess I must be a wierd duck to most...but I think you "get me" :)