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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Oh yum!

In my last post I shared with you about my big win from a
Today I thought I'd share what I did with a few of my treasures.
First, I had to use my butter softener, because I didn't plan ahead and my butter was hard.
It worked great, 8 minutes and I had ready to use butter!
I used my new "half-roll" pan that I won 
and made a yummy new dessert that I found on Pinterest
This is the kind of thing I cant leave in my home, because left with me and my feeble will-power, 
it could be gone in a flash...ugh! 
I brought it along (after church) to the mall for a little dessert after lunch!
I'm glad I didn't leave this in my house, 
for I would have been tested beyond my ability to constrain!
It's a very tasty, moist cake, made with fresh strawberries topped with a lemon glaze, 
Mmmm mmmm good! 
I will make it again.... and take it somewhere to share :)

Here's the recipe if you're interested


  1. It was so good! Thanks Mom!

    1. You're welcome, thanks for helping me get rid of it :)

  2. Shoot, I knew I should have gone to the mall today! Looks like my kind of dessert :)

    1. Believe it or not Cheri, I thought of you when I made this :)

  3. Just printed off the recipe. It looks perfect to serve the next time we host bible study at our house. That would be a good time to make it so I am not tempted. I seldom bake anymore since the kids are all gone and I don't need sweets around because my resistance is zero. Thanks for this yummy sounding recipe.

  4. This is definately one you don't want sitting around....so good!