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Friday, April 26, 2013

Poster Fair

About a year ago I got asked if I'd like to be part of a committee at work. 

Our staffing numbers had changed because of a re-vamp in our department. 
 Morale in our area was suffering, work flow had changed and was challenging in many ways.  
There were also a few other issues that needed to be addressed.
 Seven of us got together brain-storming, laying out some changes, 
and surveying our co-workers about what was working and what wasn't.
Then the seven of us put some changes into action. 
Lets just say it's still a work in progress, 
slowly but surely we are seeing improvements in our work area. 
~ ~ ~
Our Clinical nurse specialist approached our work group several months ago, and asked us what we 
thought about entering our "project" in the Mayo Clinic Nursing Poster Fair. 
We said yes, I'm glad we did! 
It was quite a process, a great experience, and a good thing to add to our resumes. 
We worked for several months on the poster, I had no idea how involved it would be, but it was fun. 

"The Collaboration Station: Taking a Transforming Ride" 
Our poster won "Best in Show" for the Navigator component
Presentation day at the Poster Fair
(The poster went back to the designer about 4 times before the final approval from us,

Three of the seven, Me (the tall one), Mealdey (the short one) and Lisa
There were two shifts for the eight hour event so sadly I didn't get a picture of all 7 of us.

Someone asked me at the fair if we would consider doing another poster next year to show the results of our transformation and how far we've come in a year.... hummmmm it's a thought  :)


  1. So cool, Jac'! Congrats on your accomplishment with your team! Your poster looks awesome!

    1. Thanks sis, it was a great learning experiance!

  2. That is really cool that you were a part of that. Group projects are tough, espcially in the real world. I can tell just by the look of the poster all the work that went into it, way to go mom, I'm so proud. And I also think Will and Charlie would be proud too,teehee :)

    1. Will & Charlie would be proud in deed :)

  3. Way to go team. Great job.

  4. Congratulations Jackie and team. It's always rewarding to get recognized for a creative accomplishment. Well done.

  5. Your poster looks very professional and put together really well. Great job Jackie!

    1. Good thing it wasnt just me doing it....I have a bunch of great co-workers that's for sure.

  6. Very cool! Congrats:)