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Friday, April 19, 2013

She has such a desire to Be BIG

Suddenly she's 4... 

Our little girl grandbaby has grown in many ways over the last year. She
is physically taller and has jumped up in clothing size.
She is all the more verbal, and so articulate.
Age 4 is the year when she will begin to establish a bit more of her independence.
She will become more sure of what she knows to be true (In her eyes). 
It's all part of growing and learning. 
It's the year before she starts school,
the last year that her mommy and daddy have her at home full time. 
As her grandma I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming.... believe me I want her to stay 
little, but she has informed me in a very stern but respectful tone that she
is not a "LITTLE" girl anymore! 

" I am a BIG girl grandma", 
"I can make my own decisions and I can do more fun things now that I am big".

I love her spunk, her self assurance and her desire to "be big"

Brianna & Chris are doing a great job of raising this little one.
She is delightful... loving, energetic, insightful and compassionate,
did I mention beautiful inside and out?
With that said, no child is perfect!
Remember, the last two years have been the "terrible 2's and the trying 3's"!
She's been a hand full at times, but this spirited, strong-willed child
has the perfect mommy & daddy who are parenting her with God at the helm!

She is such a joy, our first grandchild!
I look so forward to the years ahead. To see what plans God has in store for
this sweet child who is full of questions and eager to know more about Jesus.

Oh I love you so Audrey Jo...
you have grandma Jackie's heart!
Happy 4th Birthday Audrey!!!

Check out my slide show below :)

Another year older


  1. Happy birthday Audrey Joanne.
    You are a delite to behold.

  2. I can see why you love this little (oops, I mean BIG) girl so much. She is, indeed, beautiful inside and out. Happy fourth birthday, precious Audrey! Beautiful "greeting card," Grandma Jackie. Especially love that shot of Audrey and Carson.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet "big" granddaughter! I always love your slide shows Jackie. Have a great weekend!

  4. Such a sweet blog Mom :) Audrey and I liked watching the slide show. It's neat to see such a close relationship between her and her grandparents :) She is everything you say she is :) So glad we can share her with you, it makes it so much sweeter : )Thanks for filling her up with love! xoxoxoxo

  5. I'm always amazed at how articulate she is, and insightful. Audrey reminds me so much of our first born in many ways! She is a lucky girl to have you for a grandma!

  6. Thanks Cheri, she's a joy, and yes I agree she does remind me a bit of your first born, Brianna may have to call you during the teenage years and I will be praying for the perfect friend for Audrey....hee hee. Our daughters turned out just perfect, we are blessed :)