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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Showering her with Love

It's been sort of tradition on both sides of our family for the Aunties 
to give bridal showers to our nieces as they prepare to marry their true loves!
Last saturday my husband's sister and I honored our youngest (Hemmer) Niece
and hosted a bridal shower with family and friends.

My sweet niece Jillian,
 I think she's just too young to marry, but I guess I was the same age (21) when 
I got married to her uncle, so I guess I cant really say anything about that  :)

The spread

 Little Audrey helping sit chocolates around the center pieces

Friends and family
 Jill greeting her guests
Good times 

Rick's mom Joanne, with Audrey Joanne and Kate (my nephew's wife)

My two nieces', sister's Kellie (matron of honor) and Jill. 
Kellie was married one year ago in June. 

Jill is quite thrilled with the mirror she received from her registry. 

 Jill and her mamma.
It's been a busy 2 years for this mamma!

The "Hemmer" girls
Kate (Jill and Kellie's sis-in-love)
Jill (bride to be)
My daughter Brie, cousin to Jill & Kellie
Jennifer, my daughter-in-love

It was a great show of family and friends to celebrate the upcoming 
wedding of Jill & Travis June 15th 2013
 I took this photo of the kids last Fall, such a cute couple!
~ ~~
On a side note..... switch sides of the family and let the baby shower's begin,
In two weeks the aunties on my side will be giving a double baby shower for my two nieces who are both expecting their first babies in July & August.
 So much fun to be had this summer for our extended family!


  1. I love all these family showers :) Jill's was great and looking forward to Megan and Kate's! You and Susan did great! (The dream team) haha.

    1. You're funny Brianna... "the dream team" ha ha

  2. Looks like a wonderful time filled with love and fun!

    1. ...and that it was Jill :)

  3. Nothing sweeter than celebrating with family.

  4. And the engaged couple...you can just see how much they are in love in your photo of them.

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  6. We always have a good time :)