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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What do grills and swing sets have to do with each other?

It's been exciting for Rick and I to see our children buy their first homes. 
(Brice & Jen last fall, Brianna & Chris this spring) 
Interestingly enough Brice and Jennifer's "new" home looks a lot like 
our first home that we purchased in Kasson, Mn back in 1982, and...  
Brianna and Chris's "new" home is similar to the house we live in now, that we built in 1987. 
It's pure coincidence, neither of them set out to find homes that mimic the one's their parents owned.

Brice and Jen are in the twin cities in a quiet, older neighborhood,
 they have a lot of space and have furnished this house beautifully! 
They have really made this home their own. 
We love it!

We knew we wanted to get the kids something that they could
 really use as a house warming gift....
 and here's what we came up with, a new weber grill. 
They were quite pleased  :)
~ ~ ~
Brianna & Chris and the kids have settled here in Rochester, they actually bought a town home 6 years ago but needed more space with their growing family. They have only been in their new place a couple of weeks but already they have unpacked most of the boxes and have made this space into their own as well. Their dream of a house in a neighborhood, a flat yard and driveway has come true. There are many kids in the area and little Audrey has already made friends, the little social butterfly is soaring.
 On closing day

Our house warming gift to my daughter's family was focused on the big empty back yard.
so along with my husband's parents and his sister,
 we purchased this rather amazing swing set for the kids.  
 The kids love it! (and I think mom & dad do too)
Even little Carson (with the help of mama) can hang on the bars swing. 
(Audrey and Carson's great-grandpa (on the right) helped set up the swing set)

Now comes the wonderful years of being home-owners!
 We wish our children and their families many years of happiness, good times and 
lasting memories in their new homes.


  1. That is so wonderful Jackie! I love your house warming gifts! They sound perfect for both families. You guys are such amazing parents. Thank you so so much for your encouraging comment on my blog today! It is so nice to feel"not alone" in parenting.

    1. As parents we all could use encouragement....It's a pretty big responsibility wouldnt you say :)

  2. Your housewarming gifts are absolutely fitting for each family. I noticed, right away, when you posted the pix of Chris and Brianna's new home, the similarity to yours. I expect childhood memories subconsciously affect even our decisions on where we live.

    I can only imagine the wonderful memories that will be built in your children's new homes. What an exciting time for them.

  3. Thanks Audrey, we are so happy for both of them.... big step to purchase a home :)

  4. Yes, buying a home causes the butterflies to erupt. I'm feeling that way right now about my boy's college loans.

  5. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Both gifts were exactly right!!

  6. Both gifts were exactly right!