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Friday, May 24, 2013

What do Pigs have to do with plants?

Every spring....(usually around Mother's Day), mom and I take off for the day and 
 have us a road trip to go get our flowers for planting around the house. 
This year it ended up a bit later, but with the weather the way its been, 
it just took this long for it to be the right time. 
We have our favorite nursery's that we frequent, this year we decided on...
"Pork & Plants" 
It located in the county near Altura, MN in Winona county, 
 (east and a little north of Rochester).
 I love this photo, 
the sign, the wind turbine, the unplowed field and farm way far in the distance

Bales of mulch
Have you ever seen a BALE of mulch, I haven't only bags.
 I kinda wanted to buy them just because they were cute  :)

Rows and rows of beautiful plants

Oh how do we decide?

I'm not sure why the nursery is called "pork" (and plants) I really should have asked, but 
I'm thinking the owners have pigs on their farm, 
They have many pig statues and figurines all around the buildings .
I Loved this tin pig with wings sitting in amongst the flowers!

Beautiful pansy's 
 (with a little HDR editing) 

Our stash... mom's got the checkbook out, ready to pay.
*I always have the largest bill
~ ~ ~
Today stayed beautiful with rain to follow tomorrow,
therefore I will be busy planting my stash this afternoon  :)

Stay tuned for a more on our road trip as we traveled the road of SE Minnesota.....


  1. I love that you have this tradition with your Mom. You picked out such beautiful flowers. I can't wait to see them in your garden. Beautiful new banner!

    1. We always have a good time Rachel, with lots of good laughs :)

  2. You're right on that sign image. Perfect in so many ways. Am looking forward to "the rest of the story" on your discoveries.

    So sweet that you and your mom do this day trip together every spring.

    1. I do really love that sign :)

  3. It was a very fun time.

  4. What a fun annual outing! Have you ever checked out the menonite farms in Iowa? I'd love to do it some spring:)

  5. Have not been to the Menonite farms Jen I bet that would be pretty cool....it's a thought :)