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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My pretties...

 It was a very late start to planting this year!
 To even find a day that it wasn't raining to attempt and plant was a challenge!
It's been a couple of weeks now and the plants are starting to thrive. 
I haven't had to water much, the good Lord is taking care of that
so , It's all good  :)

 Around the house....
Deck planters 
 I Love picking out flowers to plant in these planters
Brings lots of color to our outdoor living area.
Hanging plant

My perennial shade garden (north side)
I love this garden, always prettiest in the spring and early summer.

Lily of the Valley

Jack in the Pulpit 



 an accent pot

some extra impatiens from my deck planters

Full bloom, Weigela....Love this corner of my front perennial garden

 West side, The perennials here will be blooming soon....cant wait!

Front Garden, only one DayLily thus far, wont be long and it'll be full of
yellow flowers.
~ ~ ~ 
I planted my Zinnia's from seed around the front tree, it'll be awhile before we see the fruits of my labor, but I'm so looking forward to fresh cut flowers to bring indoors. 


  1. After I saw your Weigela last year, I went and bought one. :) It's not blooming yet though. Everything looks lovely, Jackie. I really like that corner deck planter!

    1. Yes, I love my Weigela, it's such a pretty bloomer, and mine seems to love the spot it's in. Hope yours blooms soon!

  2. Lovely garden tour. Everything's looking good. I had to replant one bed of zinnias as I seeded them right before a heavy rain and the seeds all washed away with the dirt into the street. Goodbye money. Zinnias are among my favorite flowers. You will love them.

    1. Awww too bad about your first batch of Zinnias. I tried them for the first time last year and I just loved them.

  3. I love all of your gardens Jackie! I really like how you have little plots all over your yard, so pretty!

    1. Thanks Rachel, I would love to have a "cutting garden" so I could always have fresh flowers in my house but I really dont have a good place for one....maybe someday I'll figure that out :)

  4. You know I love zinnias! I've grown them for 30 years now! Still have the Jack in the Pulpit plant you gave me a start of years ago too -- it's even expanded :)

  5. It's because of you that I love Zinnias :), I've always admired yours! My "Jack" has mutiplied and is huge, I love that odd plant

  6. Love your flowers. Sad that Audrey picked your only day lily, but then it's kinda hard to to be mad when she does it so sweetly, hahah. Loves!

    1. I love that she loves to pick flowers, even sweeter that she immediately gave it to you :)