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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Crispy cheddar chicken tenders

Now doesn't the title alone make your mouth water....

Every now and then I find a recipe from a favorite food blog that looks good enough to try!
 I follow a couple of bloggers that make very enticing foods, 
easy recipes that you don't have to get all elaborate and go spend a lot of money
 buying ingredients that you don't have.
For dinner tonight I mixed and matched a bit from two different sites.  
The crispy cheddar chicken tenders come from 
Plain Chicken (Click on my link to get to her recipe).

Instead of the gravy-like topping the "plain chicken" uses in her recipe,
 I close to go with a Honey mustard dressing made from scratch.
 I got the recipe from Rachel's Blog, easy peasy and oh-so-good!
Be sure to click on the link  above for Rachel's Honey mustard dressing!

Thanks girls, the hubby wants it on the "keep it" menu, so it was a hit!
To go along with the main course, I cooked up some tater-tots along side the chicken,
 and steamed us some broccoli. 
Pretty much everyday (except Mondays) Plain Chicken posts  Great recipes check her out I've made several of her recipes and I've never been disappointed


  1. I'm so glad you and your husband liked the honey mustard dressing Jackie! That chicken looks delicious, I will need to give that recipe a try. :)

    1. ...and so easy, I feel so domestic for making my own dressing (dipping sauce) thanks again for sharing your recipe's Rachel!

  2. I tried a new recipe tonight, too, a pasta and artichoke one I clipped from a magazine. The recipe is now scrunched and in the recycling bin. Not tasty enough for all the effort involved in preparing it. I'm glad you had more success with your chicken dish.

    1. I've had those recipe failures too Audrey, sometimes they look so good on paper, but when you make them it's something way different then you think. Sorry yours didnt go so well :/

  3. Looks and sounds great!

  4. I should try these for sure!

    1. very easy, and yummy. Dad and I both really liked the honey mustard too!

  5. Both recipes look awesome!