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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outdoor movie, country style

Last night friends from our church had a 
"Movie night at the farm"
They have a beautiful hobby farm NW of Rochester

 I didnt count but I think about 25 people showed up ,
 that's my little Audrey in the pink (front row seating), 
and my daughter right behind her talking to friend Jen.

A white sheet was hung on one of the buildings, 
the feature movie was Tangled (the story of Rapunzel) 
I had never seen it so that was a bonus

Little miss snuggles on her "hello kitty" blanket and pillow

I captured my daughter and granddaughter, snuggling while singing along
 to one of the Disney songs...so sweet

I sometimes became distracted with the sounds of the country,
buzzing, chirping, croaking.... the songs of nature!

It was wonderful setting with good company,
 comfortable weather
 and a blue moon


  1. That was so fun and relaxing, glad you had the idea to go Mom! Cute pics!

  2. It was a fun "Girls night", such a fun place to hang out at the Cradic's farm!

  3. What a great idea. I just love this--the family time, the beautiful albeit hot outdoors, the setting...

  4. It was lovely...not even a mosquito bite :) (I helped that the bats were in full flight at dusk)

    1. As much as I dislike bats, I certainly do appreciate their appetite for mosquitoes.

      This post reminds me of when I was growing up and went into town a few times to watch movies on a Saturday night. These were also shown outdoors, on the side of a building, I think either the community hall or the feed mill. I wish I could recall with more detail.

  5. What a perfect night for an outdoor movie! The breeze was heavenly..I could have slept out under the blue moon:) P.S. I'm flattered to have been in one of your posts:)

  6. You're funny Jen....I was happy to have you in my post....and Luke too :)

  7. Coming over from Audrey's!!!!! What a sweet post she did today and I loved seeing the picture of the two of you! I am officially putting your blog in my reader feed so I don't miss your lovely pictures and words!!! So glad you and Audrey met in person. What a great day. Your post today was precious---what a way to make some memories!

    1. So glad you stopped by Beth Ann, I too loved Audrey's post today, isn't she the best! You are going on my "reader feed as well" Glad to have you as a new friend! Jackie