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Friday, August 23, 2013

They still got it....

Last Sunday night Rick and I ventured down to the Riverside to watch a 
free concert by a band that was popular wayyyyyyyy back 
when we were teens ... 
Three Dog Night

 My guy totting the chairs to find us a place in the crowd

  We barely got into the crowd when we were found by these three sisters
Who happen to be Rick's 2nd cousins, or as Rick would say,
 "1st cousins once removed"
They are a goofy bunch as you can see.

*the family connection is this.... 
the 3 sisters' mom and my husbands maternal grandma were sisters.

They said they had plenty of room so we should come sit with them.
The sister's like to talk geneology with Rick.
 He has done a lot of research
and they are eager to hear what he has to say. 

I believe there was over 20,000 people in attendance

 In our spots


 The band stand,
 It was a beautiful night for a concert, listening to a band 
that goes wayyyyyy back to when we were just high school sweet hearts.
A few of their songs that were hits.... do you remember them?
Black and White
Joy to the World
An old fashion love song


  1. So fun, I'm glad you went and got to see Dad's 1st cousins once removed, I guess that makes them twice removed for me, haha. Fun times.

    1. They are a fun group that's for sure....silly cousins of dad's!

  2. We should have gone with you guys. Looks like a great time listening to our era of music. But 20,000 people, that's quite a crowd. And, yes, I do recognize those titles.

    1. You wouldnt have been disappointed Audrey.... maybe next year. They have several concerts in the summer, usually one or two from "back in the day" :)

  3. It was an awesome concert and a perfect night to be at a concert!

  4. Ran into Kirk , I think you guys were sitting a bit ahead of us, It was indeed a great night all around!