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Friday, August 02, 2013


Peace plaza, downtown Rochester
 Every summer Rochester has an event on Thursdays called, 
Thursdays on 1st.  
(In recent years It's expanded to 3rd St. as well)
The streets are closed off and are filled with vendors of every kind
art and crafts, foods, jewelry and entertainment
On a side note.... Alot of the utility boxes downtown have been painted with pretty designs,
so much better than the plain old metal boxes

I knew my daughter and kids were possibly going down to Thursdays on 1st, and I hadn't been down yet this year so I headed down town too and hoped to run into them....
That's my grandson....such a sweet little boy!
 He's so itty bitty
Miss Audrey really wanted to have her face painted...this lady is so talented
Checking out the finished product
She's quite pleased
Audrey's beautiful bracelet, she paid half with her own money,
 grandma chipped in the other half
I found this hand crafted truck for Carson, he was so glad and held on to it all the way back to the car,
Such beautiful workman ship, I may have to pick up a few more of these for Christmas :)


  1. Your grands are so adorable!

    Really like that utility box. So pretty!

    1. Thanks Jill, I think they are pretty special! There are many of those painted boxes downtowm, such a great idea to add character to the plain boring utility boxes.

  2. So glad you were there! Love the pictures, but especially the one of Buddy standing there so itty bitty :) Buddy was playing with his new truck this morning, putting balls and toys in the back of it :)

  3. He is such a little boy already, I'm glad he likes it!

  4. I wasn't aware of these events. Darling photos!! Hugs...

  5. It makes for a fun Afternoon Doreen :)

  6. Love the truck and the butterfly face and this whole event. What fun. And to see your grandchildren, double fun.

  7. So many fun things to see and do, and it was a beautiful day to boot!

  8. Love Thursdays on First:) Glad you all had fun!