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Friday, September 06, 2013

Fall is in the air...

It's September, so I will choose to believe it's getting closer to one of my favorite seasons.
That would be fall
 Not far from my front step...
these beautiful Zinnia's that encompass our tree.

On my front step this guy posed for a photo-shoot,
thanks Mr. Grasshopper  :) 

 Sitting on the hill in my front yard 
I spot this guy having a  "hay-day" in my Zinnia's
Hello Mr. Yellow-Jacket

 My newest addition... Gotta have those mum's to bring in the Fall

I love my front yard and all the beauty it has to offer


  1. Real nice pictures.

  2. Outstanding photos taken in perfect light. Beautiful, Jackie. Images and front yard.

    1. Thanks Audrey....Love my flowers :)

    2. And I'm stepping outside right now to water my flowers. We need rain.

    3. OH, we need rain so bad. AUdrey watered all my flowers last night, the funny thing is, she waters the blooms ("flowers"), not the dirt in which they sit. I tried to tell her but watering the dirt just doesn't make sense to her :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jen, I was bored today so I stepped out my front door with camera in hand :)

  4. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I, too, really love Fall......it's just that I'm not totally fond of the season that follows....although, I'm not the one who has to deal with the snowplowing/shoveling, it's just knowing that, in order to survive outdoors, I must put on the many layer of clothing necessary to keep myself moderately warm. I am praying for a long Fall. We really haven't had one in a few years.DH thinks more and more about becoming a "snowbird" for a while in the months following the holidays, but I'm not on-board just yet. That's prime quilting time! We'll see. Your flowers are lovely. Mums are needed here to herald the waning summer days!!! Hugs.........

    1. Yes i hope for a long FALL as well :) I love winter 2nd to fall, I Know, I Know folks think I'm nuts but I really do well in winter, I love the beauty it reveals and the peaceful days. I will clarify that I dont not like to be frozen, that's not the part of winter that I enjoy but with that being said, I hardly ever wear a coat, only if I'm outside for an extended amount of time. I'm just soooo hot-blooded! Hope you have a lovely fall full of fun...and quilting of course :)

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    BEAUTIFUL photos! I found your blog via Minnesota Prairie Roots - and I'm glad I did! I'm in MN, too - over in the SW corner. Looking forward to reading more!

  6. OH, I'm so glad you stopped by Gretchen, I love having new Blog friends, come back anytime :) I'll stop over to your blog as well !