A mix of photography, recipes, personal thoughts, faith, and lots of family stuff, but not necessarily in that order.

Monday, September 09, 2013

My heart overflowith...

I know I have a separate blog designated for my Grands 
but from time to time I like to post about the babies here.
They are the joy in my heart and the light of my life and so,
 I will from time to time feature them in my main blog along with 
the other random things I choose to post.... 
I really am a random blogger as many of your know, 
the description of this blogs reads....
A mix of photography, recipes, personal thoughts, faith, and lots of family stuff, but not necessarily in that order.

This baby is growing up way to fast!
Cute: those cheeks the blonde curls & blue eyes... "Oh My Heart"
Addicting: I can never get enough of this pure sweetness
Rambunctious: He is so full of energy
Sweet: He is the meaning of sweet
Opinionated: Without a word, he knows what he wants
Noisy: Loves to bang on the drums & piano, lets people know what he needs with his little "sounds"

I'm thankful everyday for the close proximity of these grandbabies.
We live 1.5 miles from these little ones and are blessed to be so much a part of their lives!

Full of energy...that's our girl!
Adorable: that she is... adorable
Unique: she's her own person, in every wonderful way
Dramatic: facial expressions, actions and words (I'm convinced this will take her far in life)
Reflective: she's a deep thinker
Emotional: wears her emotions on her sleeve
Youthful: I want her to stay little forever, but look forward to watching her grow


  1. Well, having met Audrey, I can vouch for the authenticity of what you wrote about your darling little girl. And that Carson, so sweet. Love those curls. Yes, you are blessed to have your grandchildren so near you.

    1. There is nothing like grandbabies, yes, we are blessed

  2. They are very sweet children ... which is no surprise. I still think Carson looks like Gavin did when we met you guys!

    1. Several people have said that about Carson resembling Gavin at this age, although he has curls like Brice did as a baby (you wouldnt have know him then)

  3. Aww, what a sweet blog. We are beyond blessed to have to close to us and in our and the kids' lives. Love you! And such sweet pics too!

    1. Thanks for havin' those babies Brie !

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Very sweet post Jackie! You are so blessed to live so close to your family. Your grandkids are darling. (Rachel, Young Adventures)

  5. Thanks Rachel havent seen you in awhile, thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Love your sweet gma posts:)