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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sometimes your just have to go-for-it

I got bangs....
I'm a little self conscious about taking pictures of myself "selfies" Me myself & I.
but I feel pretty confident that you, my blogger friends wouldn't judge.
 It has been along time since I have had actual bangs, 
you know the kind that hang on your forehead and sometimes get in  your eyes. 
 I dont know if I'm like most women or not but I really really struggle with my hair, 
and what to do with it on a daily basis.... ugh!
Typically about mid-way through the day it gets put back in some kind of headband...borrrrrring!
So I got really brave with the help of my daughter's encouragement 
and some photo's on Pinterest!   
I had an appointment today so I talked to my Stylist for about 10 minutes, 
showing her the photo's of what I liked and didnt like,
 she  also encouraged me to "Go-for-it" 
She's a "go-for-it" kind of stylist....I like that about her.
She tells me like it is....
 "It'll take some getting used to", and if you hate them, they will grow back"

Well, I think I like them, she cut them in 2 stages, just a little bit, then a little bit more.
So now it's back to "bang trims" in between cuts but that's ok, 
she's only a couple miles from my house and she does it for free  :)

Here's the photo I showed my stylist.... 
that's me on the right,  ha ha
We'll see how long this lasts.....


  1. Very, very cute! I like them!

    1. Thanks Jill.... I'm still undecided :/

  2. I like a stylist with a go-for-it attitude. I always tell my stylist, "You're the expert, not me. Whatever you think will look good."

    I think the bangs are cute on you. Now if you could do a before and after photo placed side-by-side, that would help. Have Brianna take a picture of you.

    1. Ugh,,, no more pics of me Audrey :) Today the bangs are driving me a bit nuts, just as my stylist said they would, hopefully I'll get used to them.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jac'... still undecided :/

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Love the bangs Jackie! Glad that you went for it! (Rachel)

    1. Thanks Rachel, trying to get used to them, but I think it'll take more than a day :)

  5. I like them! Have often thought bangs would look good on you. Got a curling iron? Sometimes it helps to give bangs a little soft "bend" to lift them a bit.

    1. Cheri I have always loved your haircuts (with bangs). I should of took a picture of you to my hair cutter lady :)

  6. The new cut is wonderful! And the bangs work very well with your hair texture/length! I'm glad you "went for it"!! Life on the edge!!!!! LOL!!!! Hugs......

  7. Way to be adventurous! I, too, struggle with my hair daily...the woes of womanhood;)

    1. But your hair is always so cute !