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Friday, September 13, 2013

That electric buzz....

As I sat on my deck this afternoon, trying to read a new book I was distracted by the sound that was coming from somewhere in my neighbors tree.
I've hear it many times, especially in the late summer.
I put my book down and grabbed my Macbook, 
I googled "High pitched raspy sound from trees"... here's what I concluded.

They sing as individuals throughout the day, in choruses at dusk, 
July to the first frost

*click on the orange arrow below to hear what I'm hearing...

Its high-pitched, whining song lasts a minute and
 resembles the sound of a distant buzz saw.

Cicada....yep that's the guy (google photo)

and yep, he lives in southeastern MN

My guy has gone quiet for a moment, but I hear his friends in the distance.


  1. I've always wondered what bug that was. Gross!

    1. It's so little for such a big sound!

  2. The cicidas were crazy noisy last weekend. Randy and I even remarked on it. Like a zillion of them in the woods by our house.

    1. It can sometimes be deafening....good description "crazy noise"

  3. The story goes, It's 6 weeks from a killing frost the first time you hear the nosy little buggers.

  4. oh, good to know mom, I hope it's true, I wanna enjoy my flowers a little longer :)

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Yup, they've been super noisy at our place, too!! 6 weeks, eh? I know they are more evident in dry/drier conditions and that applies right now....for sure!!!!