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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Football season

Both my boys played Football...
Just like their daddy
 1977- article from Rochester post bulletin, Rick's senior year.

Here's my Gavin, just a little guy

Here's my Brice #59 ( I think he a freshman here)

They started in 4th grade and played up through high school
#51 my Gavin, a Senior in High school, 
about to take down the Austin QB
We loved watching them play...
...and we still do
Gavin still plays, no pads, no helmets
 but just as competitive!
His dad says he has a good "pocket sense",
 I think that means when he's got the ball he sees the whole picture 
and is able to scramble out of trouble
Out of the "pocket" looking for an open receiver
Half time talk, father and son
 My Son-in-love Chris is also on the team...that's him with the ball
They won this one in overtime


  1. I love that last photo. I bet Rick wishes he could be out there on the field, too.

    1. Well I know he THINKS he could still be out on the field, not so sure he could move like he used to :) I was fond of that last photo too, It was close close game so the win was really sweet :)

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Just catching up with your blog Jackie! Looks like you have been having some fun times! I love all the beautiful fall colors. You have such a beautiful, full life. I love how you embrace it all. The blog changes are great and I love the header photo of you and your husband, precious. Have a great week. (Rachel, Young Adventures)

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments Rachel. Life is good for us, I feel blessed!