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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Looking back

86 yrs ago... in a one room school house
Sometimes I kind of wish I  had the experience of a one room school house (minus wearing a dress).
I see a lot of similarities in the faces of these children,
 no smiles but maybe a smirk if you look closely.
 The boys in overall, the girls in dresses.
 Short hair must have been the style in 1927. 
Notice the girls are clasping their hand, but not the boys.  
Then there's the teacher,
My Grandma,  Gertrude Madsen (Thomas) 
yep, she was the teacher.

I have the tuner she used to help the children sing in the right pitch for music time.
 Her name sketched in the care-worn wood
The back side, notes stamped in the metal.

I believe this was before she was married to my Grandpa Lee who I never got to know. He died before I was born, I know I would have loved him. He probably would have given me my first tractor ride. 
This is "the Grandma" who lived on a farm, the farm we loved to go to as children, there was always things to do on the farm, exploring, climbing trees, chasing chickens and hanging out with cousins that we never saw otherwise.
What's left of Grandma's farm in Rural West Concord
The old farm house has been torn down and rebuilt. I remember the kitchen floor that had a slight slant to it, grandma's very cool pantry, the big wooden doors outside that led under the the house where grandma had the jars of canned goods. Oh, then there was the phone on the wall that you had to crank...remember those, only my grandma had that :)  The porch with the freezer that housed Grandma's home made donuts, and cookies. 
Oh how I wish I could go back...with my camera!


  1. Back in the day. The reminders of the good old days.

  2. What sweet memories. At least you have those, and the old photo and the tuner. Beautiful post, Jackie.

  3. I love that you have the photo with your Grandma and her class of students. The tuner is in such great condition, what a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing all of your precious memories Jackie.

  4. Great memories. I still take photos of my grandparents farm. It's a bittersweet experience. Glad to see it in person each time, but saddened when a tree is gone or some other change from how I remember it. A time machine surely would be the greatest invention.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, sounds like we share the same love for barn, farms, country roads etc. It saddens me to know that the old barn is getting further removed as the years go on. I cherish the site of old farmsteads everytime I see one. I will stop on over to your site and see what you have for me to ponder. ~ Jackie