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Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or treat

Every year, usually the weekend before halloween,
 our church has a fall event called "Trunk or Treat"
People from the congregation host a car trunk, decorate it, 
and usually create some sort of simple activity for the kids.
 We advertise and hope to reach out to the little ones in the community
This year over 600 people came through...a record  :)

It's a safe place to come and lots of fun
especially watching the little ones.. 

Our little grandson Carson...he is such a punkin (no pun intended)

Some of the costumes are on the verge of scary, 
but fun for the older kids

Our sweet little Audrey, she's a fairy, wings and all.

Audrey met up with her friend Em, the unicorn 
They are the sweetest for sure!

 The queen of hearts on the right, along with alice and the mad hatter, this was a cute trunk

Our son-in-love Chris dressed up as DJ Lance Rock from a popular kids show called Yo Gabba gabba, The other guy, (our minister) is a storm trooper  from star wars. 
Even some of the "big kids" like to dress up!

A creepy blow up dog that actually moves it's head back and forth.....eek!


  1. Our sister church used to have Trunk or Treat, but I don't think anymore. But yours is way more elaborate than theirs ever was with the themed vehicles and adults in costume. This is great. What a wonderful community outreach. The little ones are darling in their costumes.

  2. Oh what a fun time for the little ones.

    1. Lots of little ones out there, and yes it was fun!

  3. Looks like a fun night, sorry we missed it this year.

    1. Sounds like your saturday was busy enough Jen, there's always next year!

  4. Fun times, I love your pics as usual

  5. Our church does Trunk or Treat too! Wish they had done it when our kids were little. Hope the kiddos don't get rained out Thursday evening! Love Carson's pumpkin costume :)

  6. It's such a great idea, I'm with you and wish our kids would of had it too.