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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mini-family reunion and a Grand-opening

Today was the big Grand opening of Cook Pantry 
my cousin Holly's new store in Rochester MN

In the beginning....
Today, busy with customers! 
Tall guy in the center is Holly's husband Jake.
 I was blessed to be able to help out on several occasions, to get the store ready.
I did a lot of things from organizing, placing price tags, stocking shelves and breaking down boxes. Best part was working side by side with my Cousin who was also 
the flower-girl for Rick and my wedding, she was just 6 yrs old....she's pretty special

Four of us girl cousins made it to the Grand Opening, 
It's been years since we've all been together, so we snapped this rare photo. 
 Holly and I on the Left (Our dad's are twins)
Our other cousins, (sister's) Heather & Hillary (from another of dad's brothers) 
 Two girls cousin's were missing, my sister, Jodi and Deb (from another of Dad's brother's)
My Aunt Sherrie, mom & dad and my daughter Brianna and family were there as well, 
it was a fun little mini-reunion!

A couple added photo's of some of my favorite's in the store 
 Pretty little lime green cast iron tea kettle, it's a heavy little bugger.
 Le Creuset- Love this bright cookware
This cute little nutmeg grinder
 and if you ever need a cutting board....well I know where you can find one. 

p.s. I may just be having a "give away"soon. 
It'll be item's from Holly's store...stay tuned  :)


  1. It was fun to see everyone. What a difference two days made. On Thursday I would never guessed it would have been ready. Great job by everyone.

    1. I knew it would all get done, it was just hard to imagine! Good to see my Aunt & cousins I never get to see!

  2. This is great to see, family working together to make Holly's dream a reality. What a wonderful family. I, too, love those bright colors. Just makes me happy.

    I don't know what you tell someone when they launch a new kitchenware business. In theatre, it's "Break a leg." So how about "Break an egg."

    Looking forward to the give-away opportunity.

    1. Break and egg.... Ha ha, I like that :)

  3. I need to stop by that store! Le Creuset pots are my favorite! I have a large one and L.O.V.E. it!
    Looking forward to the giveaway!

    1. I have none of the Le Creuset pots, Some day I just may have to indulge. You'll have to go check out the store, it's very unique for Rochester!

  4. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I'm looking forward to checking this shop out!! I love specialty olive oils!!!!!!!

    1. Yes check it out for sure if you're even in Rochester, sadly they dont have Olive oils, but they do have vanilla :)

  5. I need a new cutting board!

  6. Brianna found one there that she liked.... there are a lot to choose from, all price ranges.