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Monday, November 18, 2013

Road trippin'

 We don't always know where we'll end up but it doesn't matter, 
we love exploring Minnesota! 
Saturday was a rainy blustery kind of day and the thought of sitting in the house all day
 did not sound appealing to either Rick or I. 
We decided a road trip was in order :)

So we headed a bit north of Rochester and then due east. 
I really have to do a better job of knowing where we are or where we've been,
 so I can associate the photo with the location but I'm just too busy "looking"
I loved this beautiful old brick farm house, we saw plenty of old farms, 
but not much action in the fields...too wet!
Again, I have no idea where we were but I stopped to take a photo of this flag and cross 
painted on the rocky hillside.
 Not the greatest photo, but this guy was big. 
We saw two eagles on our venture
I believe this gem was in rollingstone, MN, the ultimate playground full of all the old play equipment that I experienced as a child....a real playground, If it hadn't been raining I would have had Rick push me on the merry-go-round.

We had lunch in Winona at Hardee's fast food...Rick's was delighted, 
it's a favorite of his! (we don't have a Hardee's in Rochester). 
They are getting harder and harder to find so it was a no-brainer for lunch. 
Cant forget about dessert.....

We had a donut for dessert at Bloedows bakery in Winona, yummy but didn't compare to  World's Best Donuts, in Grand Marais. 
We ended our road trip in LaCrosse WI... more about that to come....


  1. You know how I love your road trips, Jackie. You and I share the same passion for these drives. You found some gems to showcase here. I, too, love old brick houses and vintage playground equipment. I've heard so much about Bloedow's Bakery, but never been there. I could kick myself for just lying around the house this weekend because of the gloomy weather. But I was being nice, letting Randy rest and watch football. So boring... Next weekend we'll need to hit the road for sure, rain or not.

  2. That was very thoughtful of you Audrey, to let Randy hang out and watch football. It was a good road trip, we were glad we went. Hopefully next weekend will be nicer for you and not raining.

  3. What a beautiful farm house!

  4. Love Bloedow's! Found it the second year we lived in MN when we picked up family at the train station.
    Our favorite lunch in 'Nona is Acoustic Cafe. Love the soups and sandwiches!
    The brick house .... I could live there. :)

  5. Been to Bloedow's a few times,Im never disappointed. We drive right past Acoustic, never have been in there, and yes... I could see you in that house too, but you'd have to fight me for it :)

    1. Wait a minute, girls. I want in on the house, too. Save a room for me.

    2. Oh we like to share with friends....you're in Audrey :)

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I LOVE seeing eagles. Lucky!!!

    1. I dont know what it is about eagles, but I love them too!