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Friday, December 20, 2013

I think I'll stick to photography

Monday night a group from our church met to paint on canvas at a little place in 
downtown Rochester called Canvas & Chardonnay
I went with my daughter for a fun Mother/daughter evening.
They provide everything, paint, canvas, brushes and an instructor with play by play directions.
You are told that you need not have any talent as an artist, but I beg to differ, I think you need a little and I don't have it!
So you start with a blank slate, 
everyone is painting the same picture, the one chosen is a winter scene so as you can imagine 
I was very glad about that.
First step paint the background blue
Next step add trees...
Can anyone tell what the first big mistake was that I managed to do....
Look at the canvas pic (above this one)....then look at this one.

I was painting the sides of the canvas and forgot to leave it in a horizontal position,
so Now I get to paint a picture that is meant to have a wide focus in a vertical position...ugh
I kind of wanted to quit right there but forced myself to continue....it wasn't a cheap project! 
The farthest focal point was suppose to be wider to give it a more realistic look, 
well that didn't happen since I really didn't have room between my trees....ugh!
Light poles, snowcaps and people.....Done 
I think any 5th grader could have done this well, 
I really just wanted to start all over, but it was still fun trying.

My daughter on the other hand is more like her daddy,
 she got her artistic talents from him

I love the fact that we were together, 
doing something fun and something we've never done before.
Just my girl and me. 

I have decided I will display my not so great piece of art
at the bottom of the stairs as you come in the front door...
just for the fun of it  :)

Our whole group, it was a fun evening together with friends


  1. That was a big group. All very pretty.

  2. Jackie, is that you back there in the corner?

    I have to agree with you. I think one needs to have some talent and I don't think you did that bad and made the best of the situation.

    Amber's bachelorette party was held at a place like this. They painted poppies.

  3. Yep that's me.....wayyyyyy back in the corner :) I'm glad I did it but my expectations were way higher.

  4. I'm glad you asked me to go, it was really cool to do something together that neither of us had done. I don't know what you're talking about....in our side by side pic, our paintings look practically the same, I have no extra skills! Thanks for thinking I do though :) I love that you put your pic on the wall! How fun! I kinda wanna do it again now :)

    1. We shall make it an annual event :)

  5. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I think you (both) did just fine!!!!! If anything, all of the finishes did prove that attentiveness and determination have just as much bearing as skill level/talent! I would just call it "American primitive" and let it go at that!!!!! I love "child-like" art a lot!!!! And now you have the beginnings of a cherished tradition!!! Just think of the gallery you will have to show off after a few years!!!?????!!!!!! Hugs.........

  6. "American Primitive", I like that, it makes my painting seem like it now belongs in a category :)

  7. Great work! And what an appropriate project for you, the lover of snow:)