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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Just a bit jealous....

Just as I'm a lover of old barns/houses, school houses, churches, gravel roads and graveyards...

I'm also a lover of snow! Now please take note, I said S-N-O-W,
 not frigid cold, or -20 below windchills. That I can do without. 
I'm more in favor of the mild winters with temps in the double digits.
 Snow happens to come in the winter so therefore I love winter. 
Before I go on I have to mention the 13+ inches of snow Rochester received 
just 7 months ago on May 3rd.... I was in my glory

So here I sit, It's December 5th, and everyone north of us has snow.... a lot of snow.
Well let me tell you,
It's cold outside baby!!!
and there's no snow in Rochester....bah

The house is decorated for Christmas, the lights are illuminated on the bushes outside, and 
I've started my Christmas shopping.
 In my mind those things should go hand in hand with snow...ugh
I dont expect any of my dear readers (especially Audrey) to agree with my writings, bear with me as I sulk and stew and feel sorry for myself as try patiently to
wait for the white stuff 
which makes my winter beautiful. 
For now I will look longingly at past winter photo's and wait.....

Longingly looking out my back window.....sigh


  1. Oh, Jackie, you pegged me right. I was just talking to my mom on the phone and telling her how "lucky" we were not to get snow. I appreciate that you appreciate it and it does enhance the landscape, especially this time of year. But I don't like the snowy roads and sidewalks, etc.

    At least we agree on not liking the cold. Randy and I are ringing bells for the Salvation Army this weekend. Brrr.

    Your winter photos are fabulous. You are such a talented photographer. You really are. I especially like the silo, graveyard and snow shoveling boy images.

  2. I'm getting anxious for a little white on the ground, just a couple of inches would be ok...just anything :)
    I hope you and Randy stay warn, such a rewarding thing to do as a couple! Thanks for your nice words about the photo's, some you've probably seem before, the little shoveler is actually Audrey, helping grandpa last winter...she's such a trooper, give her a task and she's all over it.

  3. Oh Jackie. I hope you get snow..... but just in your yard :) I'm sure it will appear sooner or later. May, however is WAY too late for snow! Stay warm friend.

    1. I have to agree with you Cheri on the May Snow dump, It ruined our gazebo which cost us 150.00 to replace. Ugh (but it was a pretty snow)

  4. I'd choose snow over this cold and the rain earlier this week too, especially in December.

  5. Thanks Jen, always nice to hear form others that enjoy the snow. A mild winter will do...enough to give me my "fix"