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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oh Minnesota...

Oh Minnesota, how I love thee! 
Yesterday we had an unseasonable 40ish degrees here in Rochester.
 It was quite nice outside, and I was quite antsy inside....
 So I jumped in the car and went on a little county road trip.
Rick had some things he was putzing with in the garage 
and I was eager to have me a country drive, 
so I headed north, and then west....
 I drove slow on long curvy gravel road, still snow covered, 
shielded from the sun and constant traffic.
Nicely stacked hay bales 
 Oh I loved this barn, weathered & worn,
weeds and vines overgrown along the fence and silo.
 I shot this one from afar with my 70-300mm lens, but these guys knew I was there
 Someone forgot to put him away
 They guys looked warm with winter coats ready for the sub-below temperatures that have invaded Minnesota today,  -14 tonight with windchill at -34 degrees.
Just a little building with sky-blue trim, it may have been a school house, 
notice the bell under the little peaked roof, 
(front, right side of the building)

What good is the warmth of summer 
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.
 ~Author Unknown


  1. You always find the sweetest country roads to travel. Love that old school with the unexpected blue trim.

    I would rather have been with you on your country drive than shopping yesterday. But when the boy needs clothes and he's willing to shop with the parents..., well, I had to grab the opportunity.

  2. Oh Audrey I sooooo understand the boy shopping thing, glad you got a chance to do that. I bet you are loving your time with Caleb, how long will he be home? As for the drive, it was so nice, I even drove with the window open at times! I would have loved to have you in my passenger seat!

    1. Wouldn't we make a great pair with our cameras meandering down a country gravel road. Next nice Sunday afternoon, I need to do one of these drives. The winter gets too long otherwise.

      Caleb flies out early on January 14, so I have him home for awhile. So loving having him here!