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Monday, January 20, 2014

singing it up...

I LOVE these ladies! 
They are my church friends.
We study together on Sunday mornings after the church service.
(Five other ladies were missing from this photo)
Our friendship is not dependent on similar age or generation but instead on
our Love for the Lord and truly caring for one another as sisters in Christ.
~ ~ ~
Yesterday we got together after class for a potluck lunch, 
followed by singing of some good old church hymns.
Some of the songs I had never heard but these ladies know them "by heart".
Singing their hearts out...and oh, such beautiful voices

More friends Shirley & Peg (right) 
Peg & I are the youngsters in the group

I just love this photo...slippers to keep Lois's feet warm

My friend Ruth is playing piano...her reflection seen here in the fireplace

We had a guest appearance by Ruth's husband Kerry. 
He has a beautiful voice and serenaded us with a few lovely songs.

It was a cherished time of fellowship outside the boundaries of our church building.
I feel so blessed to have these women in my life...they have taught me much!
Here are some of the old hymns we sang together... 

It is well with my soul (my favorite)
What a friend we have in Jesus
Ancient Words
Give me oil in my Lamp
In the Garden
Shepherd led us
Precious Lord take my hand
I have decided to follow Jesus

What is your favorite old (or new) hymn?


  1. Mine is "In the Garden. Another favorite of mine is " Which way is heaven." At least I think that is the name of the song. I don't know form sure. Some of the words are "Which way is heaven? When can I go? I want my daddy he's there I know."

    1. Mom I believe it's called "How far is heaven" it's an old country song. Did you notice, one of the songs we sang was "In the garden".

  2. What an absolutely wonderful way to grow the bonds of fellowship and praise the Lord. To have a circle of friends like this is a true blessing. Your images capture the mood, the bond, the joy.

    My favorite hymn is "Beautiful Saviour."

    1. I like your favorite, "beautiful savior". I love having these older women in my life, they are very dear to me!

    2. The congregation sang "Beautiful Saviour" at our wedding. That's how much I love this hymn.

  3. This is so cool Mom, your group seems so unique and special :) Fun that you sang hymns!

    1. A lot of them were older hymns so if I was lucky I was able to join in on the chorus...It was a fun time for sure!

  4. Awww, glad you all had a good time!

  5. I have several favorites! Most I can sing from memory!
    Be Thou My Vision
    How Great Thou Art
    Blessed Assurance
    Crown Him with Many Crowns
    All Creatures of our God and King

  6. I know all of these, I was humming them to myself as I read them :)

  7. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I don't know "Ancient Words" but I know all the others - though perhaps not entirely by heart! :-) How blessed you are to have these women in your life. :-)

  8. Ancient Words is a really pretty song Gretchen you can listen to it hear on You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vmTkXNpwzs