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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everyone else is talking about it, so.....

Loving the big snowfall that is happening now.
That being said, I hope we don't lose power like a few in Rochester already have.

Out my kitchen window

My husband is working hard to keep ahead of the snow on the driveway.
 By choice, Rick doesn't have a snowblower so he keeps at it to make it easier on his back

Just finished, but not for long....
 it's time to clean up the heavy wet stuff deposited by the plow.
We are thankful for the plows and the hard work they are doing to get our streets clear.
(Our Son Gavin showed up just in time to help his dad dig out the end of the driveway)
 Snow globe

My clotheslines weighted with snow
Winds are beginning to blow. Blizzard like conditions predicted for Rochester tonight


  1. Jackie, did your power go out? I thought ours would as the lights flickered perhaps a half dozen times.

    Why doesn't Rick want a snowblower? Just curious. Do you help with the shoveling?

    Are you playing in the snow today, winter loving friend?

  2. Our power went out for about 45minutes,so not too bad. Our driveways have never been enormous so Rick has always felt good about the manual labor, it's good exercise he says. He usually has ours done before the ones with the blower do. Its just his preference, we'll see how many more years he keeps it up :) sadly I had to work at 7am this morning, it was a little scary,but I got here. How much snow did you get? I hear we got 7.5 inches, that's a healthy amount.

  3. This has been a really rough winter, hasn't it Jackie! We got about 9.5 I think. I think digging out the end of the driveway is the worst. We got a snowblower a few years ago. We have a long driveway. Your hubby is right though, it is really good exercise. Have a great week and be safe.

    1. Being the winter lover that I am, I was pretty stoked with the recent 8.5 inches we got here In Rochester. Not sure how many more years Rick will be able to push and heave the snow by brute force. Eventually he will have to give-in and buy a machine :)

  4. Ok, ok, it's beautiful...but I'm still sick of winter;)