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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

They seem to grow up over night...

 It's not often I get this little guy all to myself, 
my sweet grandson Carson.
 He seems to have all the sudden lost his "babiness" and turned into a big boy.
It was fun to have him today...just Carson and I
 First we went to visit Great- grandma mary and Gr. Grandpa Gale, (my parents)
Gr. Grandpa was metal detecting but we had a nice visit with Grandma Mary. 

 Sitting in the car playing with an electronic toddler game.

 We got back home and played outside a bit since it was so nice.
 Blowing bubbles

Carson decided today that he no longer needed to sit in the high chair, OR...wear his bib.
Getting big too fast

Another first.... Carson took a nap in the toddler bed which Audrey usually sleeps in.
 Guess it's time to put away the "pack-n-play" that he used to sleep in.
(Also time to get some "gender neuteral" bedding)

Trying to get the tennis ball hanging from the garage ceiling.
 He can now touch it.
growing up...getting taller
(not sure why this movie is playing over and over again....oh well, you get the idea).

The other first today was that I finally got a name..... "ma"  
Carson called me "ma", 
He has been calling grandpa "ba" for several months.....now finally, I have a name   :)

I just love being a grandma, cant wait for our newest addition coming in June   :)


  1. Aww, love this sweet post all about my boy! He is getting so big and has non-stop opinions about what he would like to do! That's so great he slept well in the toddler bed! What sweet pictures and cute video! Thanks for taking him today, I know he loved 'ma' time!!!

    1. It's so fun to have him one-on-one....love him!

  2. It was so much fun to see Carson .
    He is getting so big and talking more every time I see him.
    I was Ma too.

    1. We like to visit "grandma Mary"

  3. You're right. He has transformed into a little boy, losing that baby look. Still precious beyond words. What a blessing Carson is to those of you who love him so. Thanks for sharing, ma.

    1. Thanks Audrey, he is getting to be so much fun, it's fun to have him all to myself, it doesn't happen too often!

  4. So sweet! Glad you finally got a name;)

    1. I've been waiting a long time to be called....something :)