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Monday, April 14, 2014

Who decides these names...

Rick spotted this little guy on our front tree

He has a Red Head but his name is...
 "Red Bellied woodpecker"...
Why? the Red is on his head, not his belly.

There are other species of woodpeckers that looks like this as well so i could be wrong, but the google pictures that I studied look a lot like this one.


  1. Someone who don't know a head from a belly. LOL.

  2. Sometimes names just do not make sense.

    Great photo, Jackie.

    1. Agreed....thanks Audrey, you should have seen me running for my camera before the bird flew away.

  3. Oh, running for the camera. I know nothing about that...

  4. It is actually a Downy Woodpecker! We love watching the birds at our place, especially this time of year!

  5. I knew you would know Cheri :) How can you tell the difference? Just curious

  6. The Downy Woodpecker is more common in Minnesota for one. There is actually quite a big difference in these two woodpeckers. Google each of them and compare. When I find a new bird I haven't seen before, I look it up ... compare flight pattern, coloring/markings (males/females can be different). Basically look at all the differences and similarities. There are so many birds that look like other birds! It gets tricky. :)