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Friday, August 01, 2014

Part 2: Forestville road trip

For me it's not a good road trip without a cemetery visit... 

I had heard about this old cemetery in Forestville, 
 I was bound and determined to get to it.
We had to travel up a path in the woods by foot, 
It was 1/2 mile at about a 20 degree incline, but it was so worth it!

Some of the first settlers to Forestville have their resting place in this desolate place
Their names listed on the signage near the cemetery

 We finally came to the broad mowed opening at the top of the bluff
It was a quiet, serene space, away from all that is civilized.

A few of the markers still had legible names. I loved the look of the sun shining
 through the trees, and how it lit up this grave marker.

Many of the stones had be broken, pieces lay fallen in amongst the greenery

This one was illegible and nearly falling over, as you can see it's actually sliding off the base.

Broken in-half marker 
Someone cared enough to lay an artificial flower on this gravesite.

Not far from the cemetery was the remains of a 2 story school house that was built in 1880.
*** Interesting fact***
The school ran for two sessions, the first a 4 month winter session beginning in November, the second, a summer session ran for 3 months beginning in May, this allowed for the children to help with the planting and harvest.


  1. You are determined, to hike a half mile. Thanks for taking us along. What a serene resting spot.

    How were the mosquitoes?

  2. Yes I was determined despite some hip pain I've been having... I made it though, took our time so that helped. No mosquitoes, it was very nice :)

  3. Hip pain? Oh no!
    The light on that grave marker makes for a very cool photo!

    1. Yah, I've been having some very nagging L hip grinding, popping, and aching....someday I will go have it xray'd. The light was dancing in the cemetery, it was so pretty.

  4. Very cool! You guys are such explorers:)

    1. Jen I just love exploring Minnesota, there is so much to see!