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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New beginnings...

Today was the end of an era for me... 
32.5 years ago I started my career off as an RN in the Cardiac Surgical ICU.
Fresh out of college with my whole career ahead of me.
 All but 4 or those 32 years were spent at St. Marys, 
(I had a brief stent in the recovery room at Methodist hospital in the late 90's). 
Other jobs included the Neuro Surgical ICU,  Emergency room (16 years)
 and my job up until today in  Intervention Radiology as a sedation nurse for the last 7 years.

Yep that's me in my "get-up".  
My job.... 
to administer moderate sedation....to make people sleepy and comfy for 
procedures that are sometimes not too fun. I will add that there is way more to this job than the drugs...
I'd say 99% of my patients are afraid, vulnerable and feeling helpless. 
I have learned that a "good morning" and a smile can make a big difference 
when I greet them pre-procedure. 
Probably the most common thing I hear from these folks is... "I'm scared", my response is always a confident, "no need to be scared, I'm gonna will take good care of you, it's gonna be alright".

I'd have to say the last 7 years has instilled in me another level of compassion!
By far this job has made me realize every single day that life is fragile, 
people all around me are suffering and they are getting younger....or am I just getting older?

Many of my co-workers go wayyyyy back with me. Eight of us worked in the ER together. In the picture above I was able to round up five of us. Susie (2nd from the right) trained me in my very first job in the Cardiac ICU, so yes we really go wayyyyyyyyy back. I will miss these girls but something tells me it wont be the last time some of us work together again.
I will not miss my very heavy lead apron that we wear all day in the procedure rooms.

 Today was a good last day, it was busy so I felt like I went out with a bang!
Tomorrow I will start the next chapter in my nursing career.
I will be at the Mayo Clinic downtown in Neurology, my role will be to preform 
Lumbar punctures (spinal taps) and all that goes with that. I'm very excited to learn a new skill, to meet my new co-workers and to be at "Mother Mayo" This has always been my long term plan,
 to finish my career with an 8 to 5 job, no weekend, no holidays, no Call shifts!
So tomorrow it begins... a new beginning to the end.

...and sometimes you just know it's time to start 
something NEW and trust the magic of beginnings! 


  1. Congratulations....I believe that God always puts us where He wants us. Good luck on your new 'adventure'!

    1. Oh Liz you hit it right on the head, so many things fell into place, I'm still amazed how it all worked out...I mayhave to blog about that someday soon :)

  2. Thought you might just retire since hubby's done so. Good luck in your new journey!

    1. Actually I feel quite blessed to have only worked 1/2 time since the kids were born,while Rick worked everyday to make our life comfortable! I'm more then happy to continue working a couple days week so we can have the great Mayo benefits :) not having to worry about the astranomical insurance premiums and crazy deductibles. I'm very excited for my next adventure :)

  3. Congrats on the change and welcome to Neuro:) Also, is that Laurie on the far right in the pic of your coworkers? Her daughter was friends with my sister growing up.

    1. Thanks Jen, it was fun to see a "Snippet" of you today in the break room, and yes, that is Laurie :)

  4. Jackie, congratulations on the start of a new job and on all those years of sedating patients and making them feel comfortable while doing so. The attitude and compassion of a healthcare worker can make all the difference. What a blessing you are to many and will continue to be.

    1. Thanks Audrey, it was time for a move. Today was a little overwhelming as I expected...just give me a few more weeks and I'll feel more "at home"

  5. Jackie what you do truly does make a difference. I know that you have brought a sense of comfort and peace to all the patients you have touched. What a blessing you have been and will continue to be. Congratulations on your new position.I can't wait to hear how it is going. Enjoy those holidays and weekends!

    1. Oh thank you Rachel, I hope I have made a difference to my patients! No more holidays and weekends is the best!!!

  6. I've always looked up to you in all ways, but one way in that I wanted to be brave nurse just like you, which I still do! You've done the toughest of stuff nurses have to do and you're so good at it. I admire all the different roles you have and am grateful for all the lives you've touched. So proud of you! You give Dad all the credit for working to provide, which he deserves, but you deserve all the credit in the world for the taxing roles you've worked hard at for 30+ years to help provide for our family. Thank you so much for all the hours you've put in, both at home and at work. I always felt like you were mostly home, but admired the work you did as a nurse! I've been praying that this will be a nice, perhaps more relaxing role that you can end with :) Love you!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.